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Interview regarding estate agency marketing tools – Floorplans & 360 Virtual Walkthroughs

Given that 360 walkthroughs offer a very attractive way of showing a property's star points along with general features, is it fair to say that they have now come of age?

Yes for sure there is a far wider application of 360 degree photos now with their increased use across social media platforms. This is due to the availability of affordable 360 cameras and the 360 photo capture apps like google street view and facebook. This is helping to standardise the technology and create a need/expectation from customers of certain service providers such as estate agent.

How cheap/expensive is this form of marketing? Starting costs?

This is dependent on the service provider used. 360 virtual walkthroughs can be very affordable as 360 cameras can be purchased for under £200. Once a suitable tripod has been purchased the only additional cost would be the given software supplier that facilitates the building of the 360 tour and the time spent putting it together. Talking specifically about our HIVE 360 service a tour costs £15 each with no subscription and is built very quickly using a mobile app.

What are the benefits of 360 walkthroughs, virtual home planning, video marketing?

360 walkthroughs provide a unique ability for a person to actually feel like they are walking through the property. The Virtual Reality capability of our service further enhances this perception.

This is just one of the reasons why 360 photographic walkthroughs compare so much to floorplans in that they add a unique value that enables a viewer to experience and grasp the feel of a property on such a unique and important level.

Why should an agent consider commissioning 360 walkthroughs, virtual home planning?

Beyond anything 360 VR tours are excellent listing tools. They are impressive, fun and engaging. Adding to these important factors are their practical usefulness as they help prospective buyers in two ways. One they provide a unique feel and understanding of a property and two they help them sift through multiple properties quickly without the need for physical viewings. The result will be better qualified buyers and time saved by the agent.

Is there any other relevant information that you think agents/readers may be interested in?

To view an example tour and read about further benefits visit or click here

How important are floorplans in helping an estate agent sell a home, and how do they make a difference to the property viewer's experience?

Floorplans are one of the most important aspects of property marketing presentation. The reason for this is that they are definitive rather than pictures that can be perceptive and display clearly the flow and layout of a property in a simple and understandable way.

How do you, as suppliers, demonstrate the value of a floorplan?

We find that the value of a floorplan is more often than not already set by home buyers who have already been browsing properties online prior to a valuation. Therefore by the time we have made an appointment the need has already been established. As suppliers to estate agents we reinforce this to our clients in addition to highlighting statistics and research carried out by Rightmove that strongly indicates that properties with floorplans receive more buyer enquires and those without risk being overlooked.

What ratio of houses for sale use technology above the standard 2D floorplan?

As a company providing multiple technologies to enhance property marketing we find that the ration is dependent on a multitude of factors. These include the home owner’s buy in to any peripheral service demonstrated on a valuation by the agent, the effort taken by the agent to consistently promote a technological service and the type of property. We are finding agents using our new HIVE 360 photographic VR tour service are using them anywhere between 5 and 50% whereas agents using our premium brochure ‘Location Information,’ service use them on 100% of properties as this service is fully automated application.

Why should more agents consider offering 3D floorplans?

We generally find that standard 2D floorplans are more popular than 3D as the layout is clearer however we do allow for 2D floorplans to be integrated into our HIVE 360 photographic VR tour service which means they are used in conjunction with a 360 tour.

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