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Guide to getting the most of 360 Virtual Walkthrough Tours

One of the first questions you may have is will 360 technology help your business? Will it be the next big thing? Will viewers engage with it? Will it be cost & time effective to provide it for your clients?

Fortunately the answers to these questions are already here and according to our research and direct client feedback not only is 360 technology proving to be a massive cross-industry expanding sector it is also helping our clients win more business, create more engagement with their property listings and with our mobile app it’s quick and easy to implement.

We’ll get to the use of 360 in property marketing shortly however first lets take a quick look at the tangible effects of using 360 advertising.

360 degree adverts have a 3 times higher conversion rate, 30% higher repeated view rate & 70-300% increase in user engagement. This is why the VR 360 global industry is doubling year on year.

360 degree content is the next generation of consumer media and is here to stay. Not keeping up with new technology can have a detrimental impact on your business whereas entering a market early can have the opposite effect as you become an authority.

How do I use 360 virtual tours in my business?

Without doubt using a 360 virtual tour service in your business will bring multiple benefits. When used as an innovative marketing tool they are great for winning listings and in addition they also provide great benefits for your clients & business.

Let your customers know you are always finding new and innovating marketing techniques. Nothing compares a photo to a 360 photo that shows everything in the scene everywhere. 360 provides a unique media form of immersion.

Benefits of 360 virtual tours:

  • Proven instruction winner
  • New and innovating marketing technique
  • Help buyers and renters experience a true grasp of a property until now unobtainable
  • Enable buyers and renters viewing from out of an area to pre-qualify a selection to minimise wasted viewings
  • Help save time and inconvenience on unnecessary viewings

The key to promoting 360 virtual tours beyond their impressive nature is to promote all of the above points to your prospective client who look to you as their property marketing expert.

As a property marketing professional you will be aware that the more value your clients perceive you to be providing the more likely you are to secure them as a client. HIVE 360 virtual tours are a low cost and time efficient addition you can easily add onto your existing marketing package to help provide a 'cutting edge,' perception.

In order to get the most of using 360 Virtual Tours the best thing you do is include them in your valuation process. 360 Virtual Tours are fun and engaging and nothing works better than a demonstration to a prospective client. We provide all clients with a demo branded tour which we strongly recommend they save as an icon on their phone/tablet to show a vendor on an appointment.

360 tours work on all devices however to take the engagement and novelty even further you can demonstrate our tours in full virtual reality by slipping your phone into a pair of VR cardboard glasses. Simply access the tour on your phone, turn it sideways and enter VR mode. The viewer will now be fully immersed in virtual reality and walk through the house without even the press of a button.

HIVE can provide you with fully branded Virtual Reality Glasses that you can hand out to your customers as a fun and powerful marketing tool which is sure to impress. Google Cardboard glasses work with any smartphone to enable anyone to experience virtual reality in a simple, fun and affordable way.

Now you know the benefits of using 360 virtual tours in your business you may be surprised with how little they can cost and how little time they take:

  • Low entry cost (equipment charge only at £250 camera and tripod)
  • Free HIVE account
  • Pay £15 per tour (PAYG) or £50 per month per branch for unlimited tours
  • Create tours quickly and easily using a mobile app
  • Tours presented on an agent branded microsite that you can upload to your website, portals & social media
  • Create in house or sub-contract to your DEA or photographer

We can also provide a range of marketing support including:

  • Demo branded 360 tour for your website and use on valuations
  • Branded presenter/window card
  • Infographic
  • Branded promo video
  • Branded virtual reality glasses

Other features:

  • Navigate rooms by flashing hotspot or virtual reality mode
  • Upload your floorplan to activate navigate by floorplan
  • Valuation button
  • Property specific location information data
  • Branded analytics reports highlighting key metrics
  • Take still photos from our back end photo grabber to use as your main images (COMING SOON)
  • Fuzzy tool to remove any personal items (COMING SOON)

Setup is fast, simple and free. Simply call 01303 626457, visit or email

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