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Impress your potential clients and win more instructions with our instruction winning application Location Information.


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What is Location Information?

Location Information is a fully automated application that builds 40 page digital property specific location guides for all of your properties using your estate agency software and publishes them to your website and property portals.

Each Location Information guide includes detailed buyer relevant information:

  • Schools
  • Property Prices
  • Local Authorities
  • Transport Links
  • Local Amenities
  • Health
  • Local Policing
  • Census

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How does it work?

Location Information works seamlessly by extracting the property’s photos, floorplan, EPC and features from your property software following every new instruction and builds a 40 page location guide.

The resulting location guide features 40 pages information on the property and its surrounding area including education, transport, local services, facilities, health.

Each brochure is generated as an e-magazine and can be published to your website and portals without you having to do anything!


Looking for a competitive edge?

Try our Instruction Winner Location Information

The main benefit is its use on valuations as vendors are always impressed so it provides you with a unique listing tool. All our estate agents love it and say it’s a real instruction winner and gives them a massive benefit on valuations.

To view example brochures and some bespoke designs please visit chooseyourli.hiveeas.co.uk

Our service includes the following:

  • HIVE recieves a feed from your property software
  • We personalise your brochure cover
  • Brochures are generated for all your exisintg properties
  • Brochure samples are printed for valuers
  • E-Brochure are published on your website to a ‘Premium Brochure’ button
  • Brochures are automatically created for all new properties

All we need to get started is access to your property feed and a copy of your logo!

Key Features

  • Convert more listings by impressing potential vendors
  • 100% automated brochure creation and delivery
  • Provided for every one of your properties
  • Published to your website and portals
  • Printed and online versions
  • Smartphone & Tablet compatible
  • Works for both sales and lettings
  • Rolling monthly subscription with no contract
  • Personalise your brochure
  • Generate additional revenue with customised advertising pages

How can I use Location Information effectively in my business?

Our clients find that demonstrating our location guides to potential clients on valuations helps them convert more listings and in some cases increase their average fees.

buyers with information on a wide range of local services and facilities you can attract and convert more vendor clients.

Location Information is most effective when integrated as part of the valuation process. Here are some examples of how clients use the service effectively:

Impress on your listing by demonstrating a professionally printed brochure to your prospective vendor.


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Our clients find that vendors really buy into how their property will be presented. Location Information provides you with an innovative and automated marketing tool that will impress all your potential clients and help to justify and in some cases increase your fee. Each Location Information guide is unique to the property providing you with a powerful instruction winner!
Location Information enforces and underlines your credentials as a local expert by providing vital information for out of area buyers.
Insert pages can be added to advertise your company, services, memberships and partners as long as they are provided to us in a jpg format 3512 pixel height by 2481 pixel width. Alternatively we can create insert pages for you for an additional ad hoc fee.
We have various levels of customisation options ranging from your front and back cover to replacing all internal images and inserting inside front and back covers to adding advert pages
Printed copies can be ordered via our system however we also provide PDF links which anyone can print at home or in the office
All location guides are live documents and will update as you make changes in your software including the advertised price, photos, address and features.
Setup can be fast and simple however if bespoke artwork is being added then this can delay. We generally aim for a 7 day setup
No - you will be invoiced a monthly fee which can be stopped at any time. All we require is 1 a month notice period.
This will depend on your software however it typically ranges from 2 hours to 4 hours depending on how often your software allows us to synchronise.
The vast majority of information contained within our guides is from open source government data. Sections displaying information on private companies is obtained from Experian.
Information Is updated regularly depending on the data set type. School results are published annually whereas price paid data from the Land Registry is published monthly. All records in our database can however be manually amended where appropriate.
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