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What are i-Packs?

i-Packs are a revolutionary product that provide estate agents with the perfect delivery method to speed up their sales and reduce fall-throughs whilst also enabling them to benefit from a fully managed AML compliance service all entirely free of charge.

i-Packs are the result of a highly effective customer journey and are supplied as a branded website for every property listing. They are a combination of property particulars, information obtained by legally preparing clients and buyer relevant datasets including:

  • Property media links from your CRM
  • Completed PIQs (TA 6, 7 and 10 protocols)
  • Land Registry title plan and register
  • Market intelligence data on local property prices
  • Local area information across schools, transport, health, broadband, planning, green spaces and more...

i-Packs are triggered by an AML referral to Lifetime Legal who provide a free and comprehensive AML compliance service for all sellers and buyers.

Lifetime Legal’s unique systems and processes rigorously check and identify all clients and beneficial owners involved in every transaction. This includes a risk assessment and access to an internationally qualified Enhanced Due Diligence team for more complex cases.

The provision of a fully managed compliance service means that estate agents can completely remove the compliance burden from their staff enabling them to use their time more effectively in the knowledge that they have an HMRC compliant watertight process working on their behalf.

AML service provided by


Replace your existing property details

Key Features

  • Free AML and risk assessment for all of your buyers and sellers
  • Legally prepare your clients saving weeks
  • Commission searches at the point of offer agreed
  • Location information across schools, transport, health, broadband, planning, green spaces...
  • Convert more conveyancing instructions, control your pipeline and earn referral income
  • Use your existing solicitors
  • i-Packs are a fantastic listing tool
  • Training and marketing materials provided
  • Add our data to your website using our API

Faster sales, less fall throughs, referral income and more listings…

The key aspect of i-Packs is that they provide estate agents with the perfect vehicle to present information to buyers ahead of making an offer.

Rather than keeping vital information behind the scenes we amalgamate everything into one place in a way that supports the estate agent’s brand. This will avoid sales that fall though caused by lack of information as they allow enquiries to be made earlier on in the process.

Combine this with a customer journey that legally prepares a selling client, providing the solicitor with a fully on-boarded client, with searches that are requested for buyers at the point of offer agreed meaning that we also significantly speed up the sales process.

The key to a successful partnership is a close working relationship with our estate agent clients that enables us to dovetail into their existing processes that includes working with their existing solicitors. We provide training and materials to the sales staff to further enhance our service.

Property Information Questionnaires

As part of our customer journey we facilitate the completion of the PIQs through a user friendly and single digital journey at the point of property instruction. This means that solicitors receive completed Law Society forms alongside title packs and estate agents receive completed consumer protection disclosures. We then showcase certain elements of this information to buyers within the i-Pack.

What Valuers Say ...

i-Packs and AML compliance are provided totally free of charge as part of a highly effective and unique customer journey which starts with a simple AML referral. We manage your entire AML and CPD obligations and legally prepare your clients whilst utilising the information in an i-Pack for every listing along with your media links and property specific datasets.

We take care of your complex legal obligations, shorten transaction timescales, reduce fall throughs, pay referral fees and work in line with industry drive for greater transparency.

Location Information

i-Packs contain a range of property specific datasets, sourced from open government, that are automatically populated within each i-Pack.

The provision of buyer-relevant location data means that each i-Pack contains a complete overview of the property and will provide the transparency that buyers require to make more informed decisions. Data includes:


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