i-PACKS are a free service that are designed to speed up the sales process by providing buyers with upfront information obtained by legally preparing selling clients


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What are i-PACKS?

i-PACKS combine a fully managed and seamless customer journey of compliance, legal preparation and conveyancing into a branded microsite providing estate agents with the perfect delivery method to comply with new Trading Standards requirements mandating the provision of upfront information.

i-PACKS offer estate agents the dual benefit of complying with a range of regulations and the ability to replace traditional property particulars with interactive websites that not only provide a wealth of official buyer relevant data but also generate and nurture leads for valuations, viewings, mortgages and offers.

What’s included in an i-PACK?

  • Media tours, photos, floorplan, EPC and description
  • Property info derived from official PIQs
  • Key data from the official register
  • Title plan
  • Market intelligence on local property prices
  • Broadband and mobile
  • Local area information across schools, transport and health
  • Valuation, viewing, mortgage and make an offer lead generation


Key Features

  • i-PACK for every listing
  • Showcasing of key information designed to meet latest regulations
  • Back office alert system for cautions, restrictions and covenants
  • API access to our data
  • Free AML and risk assessment for all buyers and sellers
  • Legal preparation of all vendor clients
  • Searches commissioned at offer agreed
  • Convert more conveyancing instructions
  • Better pipeline control
  • Referral income
  • Works with existing solicitors
  • Proven instruction winner
  • Training and marketing materials provided
  • Reporting tools for leads and conversions

Working in partnership with Lifetime Legal

The i-PACK itself is just the tip of the iceberg as our underlying services are constantly working on behalf of our clients from the listing stage through to offer & completion.

By outsourcing compliance our clients save vast amounts of time and costs and also receive the benefit of our legally prepared service and Mover Protection for their buyers and sellers.

As a fully managed customer journey we work as an extension to our client’s teams by facilitating a rigorous and comprehensive end-to-end compliance service for every buyer and seller that is designed to take on the entire regulatory responsibility.

Our compliance service is operated by a team of dedicated experts removing the need for complex decision making on the shop floor ensuring strict regulations are being met.

AML service provided by


Upfront information and legal preparation leads to faster sales, less fall throughs, referral income and more listings…

Our unique customer journey significantly speeds up the sales process by legally preparing every selling client, commissioning searches early and surfacing data that is not easily uncovered at the outset such as leasehold information, cautions and restrictive covenants.

Rather than keeping vital information behind the scenes we amalgamate everything into an i-PACK that has the dual benefit of supporting the estate agent’s brand. This helps to avoid sales that fall though caused by a lack of information as they allow enquiries to be made earlier on in the process.

The key to a successful partnership is a close working relationship with our estate agent clients which involves regular account management and dedicated technical, compliance and legal support.

We provide ongoing training and materials to the sales staff to further enhance our service.

Property Information Questionnaires

As part of our customer journey we facilitate the completion of official PIQs through a user friendly and single digital journey at the point of property instruction. Solicitors receive completed Law Society forms alongside internally prepared title packs which removes the need for any duplication.

What Valuers Say ...

i-PACKS and AML compliance and legal preparation are provided free of charge to estate agents as part of a highly effective and unique customer journey which starts with a simple AML referral. We manage the entire AML obligations and legally prepare selling clients whilst enabling our clients to utilise the information in an i-PACK to inform buyers, win listings and generate leads.

We take care of complex legal obligations, shorten transaction timescales, reduce fall throughs, pay referral fees and are working towards the Government’s Levelling Up White Paper and Trading Standards requirements.

Location Information data for FREE

i-PACKS contain an array of buyer relevant and property specific datasets, sourced from open government departments, that are automatically populated within each i-PACK.

The provision of buyer-relevant location information alongside specific property data means that each i-PACK contains a complete overview of the property and will provide the transparency that buyers require to make more informed decisions.


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