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Thomas Marsh opened back in September 2010 during the recession when they saw an opportunity to deliver a more personal service involving their clients through the sales and lettings journey.

A recent and thorough rebranding by Thomas Marsh meant it was great timing to work with Thomas Marsh as we were asked for a fully customised brochure template. The new logo, company prospectus and local professional imagery was all combined to create a unique look and feel that only Thomas Marsh can enjoy.

Each new chapter features a bespoke full page image with the section title along with specifically placed company adverts. The resulting template is truly unique, engaging, and vibrant and above all has a genuinely local feel.

We also added a valuation button on the online brochure viewer so any visitors on any given brochure via an external source (i.e. a property portal) has a direct link through to their valuation page. Full analytics are recorded so we can provide a break down of how many visitors we managed to send across to their website.


  • HIVE recieves a feed from your property software
  • We personalise your brochure cover
  • Brochures are generated for all your exisintg properties
  • Brochure samples are printed for valuers
  • E-Brochure are published on your website to a 'Premium Brochure' button
  • Brochures are automatically created for all new properties
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