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Miles & Barr are an independent estate agent with a branch network in the South East dealing with property selling, buying, renting, mortgage advice, property management and relocation services.

Miles & Barr were one of our first clients to use Location Information and as a marketing innovator had high expectations as to the outputted brochures that we would be generating. Our first step was to work with them to design a stylish and modern front cover that conveyed their strong local focus. To achieve this we grouped their branches into regions and applied images of various locations sandwiched by their brand. The result was a set of high end, vibrant, and contemporary covers.

To complete the setup we inserted several key full page adverts at certain points within the 40- page brochure template, hooked up with their software feed and initiated the automated service.

We also added a valuation button on the online brochure viewer so any visitors on any given brochure via an external source (i.e. a property portal) has a direct link through to their valuation page. Full analytics are recorded so we can provide a break down of how many visitors we managed to send across to their website.


  • HIVE recieves a feed from your property software
  • We personalise your brochure cover
  • Brochures are generated for all your exisintg properties
  • Brochure samples are printed for valuers
  • E-Brochure are published on your website to a 'Premium Brochure' button
  • Brochures are automatically created for all new properties
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